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My Bio

Ex public school, Army Regiment (Hush Hush) but begins with an 'S' and ends with an 'S' Proverbial silver spoon because of the Family Fortune (and no, I wasn't referring to Les Dennis's programme for the underprivileged members of society!) Car - Jaguar. Butler - Arthur Tompkinson As soon as Arthur and I can put a photo on site we will, but we are not technophobes but a couple of old duffers really!

My Occupation

I've never actually worked in my life!

My Hobbies

Archery (I attended Harrow!) Listening to Music (most styles) Watching old British films, Watching Cricket (Lord's is quite close to my London flat) Enjoy coming to this site because it makes such a nice change to the chinless upper class twits I usually mix with! Jolly nice people here. (Arthur likes you too, but then he is actually one of your class)

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